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Speech Therapy & Reading Intervention for Children online or in person. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site!  After opening another clinic in the area, Lucie is now taking seeing kiddos at her new clinic: SHINE pediatric therapy & learning. She is also the owner of Children's Therapy and Learning, LLC which manages ALL READING (The Reading Center). We offer evaluations, intervention, counseling, and learning with a practice focused on reading, feeding, language, and speech. 

I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist, audiologist, feeding therapist, and certified literacy interventionist.  It has been my greatest desire to do God's Will and have dedicated my career to the development of children.  I am here to help your little one SHINE! 

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Known for putting children first, we provide evaluations and intervention as well as family support.  We are mommas ourselves.  We are here to listen and help.


Pediatric Speech

Articulation, Oral-Placement, Apraxia, Dysarthria, Phonological Disorders


From Prompt, Kaufman, Beckman, OPT, and beyond, our speech-language pathologists have years of experience and training providing one on one individualized sessions for optimal results.

Pediatric Language

Play, Interaction, Gestures, Understanding, & Expression


Utilizing the DIR Approach, child-led interactions foster meaningful communication.  We provide individualized, peer interaction, and social skill groups tailored to your individual child's needs.

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Literacy & Reading

Dyslexia, Reading Disabilities, Phonemic and Phonological Awareness, Comprehension and Writing

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So much of literacy is based in language. From evaluations to intervention, the combination of pediatric speech-language pathology and literacy intervention provides the MOST comprehensive care- and we have the ONLY professional in the area that is certified in BOTH!

Pediatric Feeding 

Feeding & Swallowing


Is it it oral-phase dysphagia? Is it aversion? As a Speech-Language Pathologist, our pediatric feeding therapist has extensive training in BOTH areas! From promoting healthy feeding and oral habits from infancy, Oral-Placement Therapy, Beckman Oral Motor, and Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding, we are here to support your child on this journey every step of the way!

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Availability online and in-person!

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Looking for Reading or Academic Help?


Our SLP (Speech Therapist) is also a CERTIFIED LITERACY INTERVENTIONIST! Lucie has years of experience and offers READING EVALUATIONS and INTERVENTION both online and in-person. She also provides IEP, 504, and academic consultations.

Summer Sessions & Camps

Limited Live Sessions

We are currently utilizing teletherapy for most, but offer some limited in-person therapy.  Contact us for information on this and upcoming camp information

Now offering TELETHERAPY!


We are now offering speech, articulation, language, pre-academic, and tutoring online in a secure online platform! Teletherapy has been found to be as effective as in-person!  We can help you determine if your kiddo is appropriate for teletherapy!  Email us today to receive more information and request a tour!


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Where Children ALL SHINE!! Click Here to find the perfect time for services with either SHINE Speech & Feeding or ACCESS to Literacy & Learning (ALL READING and ALL READING ONLINE)  Click Here to Request an Appointment!